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Normally, I would say something like, “I’m just an average girl that loves pink, bows, and glitter,” but that doesn’t do me justice. Or I would say something like, “this section is TBD." In actuality, I'm still trying to find me. I’m far from average! I try to dance to the beat of God’s drum but hey...ya girl is still a work in progress. Truth is...I was the girl who tried to do things the “right way” all of my life for all of the wrong reasons. I was your straight ‘A’ student from kindergarten through high school. I graduated from University of Maryland College Park (go terps!) and I even went on to get a master’s degree in education. A bit of a perfectionist [how fitting is my line name….Perfect Stranger]. Yet, none of these accolades define me. At the mere age of 27, I am just now finding Jess P; hence the creation of this blog. 


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Jess P

New-found Blogger, Travelpreneur, Goal Digger (not to be mistaken for a gold digger), Dream Chaser

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