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"Birthdays Was The Worst Days"

Like Biggie said, "Birthdays was the worst days..." Literally, it was the worst day of the year for me. Although I am very grateful that the good Lord keeps blessing me with birthdays, I tend to get depressed around my birthday. Yes, I know saints! Jesus wanted me born close to him but the human in me used to roll my eyes. Sorry!

Having a birthday directly in the middle of Christmas and New Year's festivities means that majority of my friends are out of town, snowed in, or busy with their families. I love Christmas time and the warm, cozy feeling it brings but that also means that the majority of people will not be around to celebrate with me for my birthday. Birthday celebrations have always been hit or miss and I used to take it personally that people were "too busy". Now, I get it and quite frankly I enjoy more intimate celebrations anyway. In 2015, I brought in my birthday with all of my best ladies in New York.

Despite the many challenges we faced: Jam having to drive because there was an issue with the rental car, missing the bus for a Christmas lights tour because I got the time wrong, and then over-spending, nothing could stop us in that moment. Not to mention the fact that a 65-degree day began producing rain, sleet, snow, and hail that we weren't prepared for, nor did the Apple Weather app warn us. Jam and Lo damaged their new Christmas shoes and we went running through the streets of Times Square in all of this precipitation to get to Juniors. We all had an amazing time! Sometimes you have to laugh at the obstacles and enjoy the cheesecake....which we did!

After all the cheesecake, we walked to Rockefeller center to continue the festivities. Now, I'm not a skater, but how many times can a Maryland girl say, "I went ice skating VIP-style at Rockefeller." I managed not to fall and I even salsa danced with a guy on skates (well, Speaking of falls.....

Fall heard 'round the world

Please excuse the expletive and please note that no individuals were injured in the filming of this candid shot. LOL! In her defense, the ice was extremely slippery because of the warm day mixed with the precipitation.

Even though the ice was a little chilly, global warming, our abundance of shots, and the free hot chocolate kept us quite toasty for our skate duration, but that didn't matter because we had access to the heated igloo. Blessings!

This trip taught me the value of friendship. Real friends will always make a way to celebrate you and celebrate with you. It's never personal if someone is not in town/available for my birthday. My very best friend didn't ride with us to New York but she found a bus in Baltimore that would bring her to the "turn up". Real friend! The love that these ladies share for me is phenomenal (and reciprocated). Thanks God for another year of growth!

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