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Viva La Mexico

I remember the times back in Summer 2015 when I would shut my office door to escape the drama and the people at my job. There were times when I would g-chat my good girlfriend, Donna B., whom I affectionately call Big Meech, and profess that sitting at my desk was not the place for me. I was making a decent salary with good hours but working with 120 people and most of their egos was becoming unbearable. Not to mention the additional stress of not knowing my employment status. As a member of the management staff and knowing that our company was losing it's contract, I knew it was only a matter of days before I'd learn my fate on whether I would gain employment with the bid-winning company or humbly return to my home with freedom.

Big Meech would encourage me to apply for other jobs but we would also speak over our visions that one day we wouldn't have to worry about waking up to come to an office, but instead we would work from the beach. Almost everyday she would remind me of that vision.

Through recommendation and great performance, I gained employment with the bid-winning company. Although receiving a demotion and a $10, 000 salary cut ::insert the rolling of my eyes and the sucking of my teeth::, I took the job with the intention of finding employment elsewhere. Trying to give the new company a chance [more like not being fed up enough/becoming complacent], I stayed to gain experience in a field similar to my degree [tuh...that was an excuse].

By February/March 2016, Big Meech and I went to Cancun on vacation. If you could see the way I jetted out of the office, you'd think I was headed to Rio for the Olympics [should have been a red flag!]. Side note: If you are in a situation that raises multiple red flags and is weighing on your sanity, run!

As we sun-bathed in the sand, cocktails in tow, we began posting pictures of our amazing views to share our excitement with all of our family, friends, and followers. Then it hit me! I looked at Big Meech and said, "Girl! We are working from the beach." For our secondary line of "work" all we have to do is enjoy life. What I didn't realize was that God was quietly listening to the desires of our hearts. When we talked (didn't even pray on it) about being able to work from the beach, I assumed with a laptop, processing training documents or something education-related. However, this lifestyle was far better than I could have imagined! Blessings!

In that moment, I wanted my friends and family to enjoy poolside massages with me, to swing from the hammocks overlooking the beach, and to sip cocktails while comfortably laying in a cabana. FaceTiming my loved ones didn't do the experience justice. They couldn't feel my sense of fulfillment and not having to worry about which co-worker would lie on me for the day.

Every morning, I woke up to watch the sunrise and talk to God while overlooking the beach. There's nothing more beautiful than witnessing your progress and realizing that God is in the business of answering prayers even when you don't deserve it.

I must say, being in a foreign country is a very humbling experience. We held conversations and shared laughter with English and Spanglish speaking folks from all over the world, and it felt natural. (Sorry- I took french in school so I could only offer my true-Spanish folks a genuine smile and a head nod.) We caught public transportation to the nightlife but we resorted to walking instead due to our fear of the bus driver's wreckless driving LOL! At 3am, we ordered everything on the Room Service menu just so that the delivery guy could watch tv with us and take a break from his 14-hour shift. Oh yea, the nachos were good too!

When is the last time you had genuine fun? This trip taught me to do what feels right, live and have fun. Viva La Mexico!

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Life doesn't come with instructions. Live, make mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and learn.



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