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Black Girl Magic

​​Why would anyone want to go to Cleveland you ask? *Shade* The purpose of this trip was to support and celebrate one of my sorority sisters as she added a master’s degree to her roster of accolades. After her graduation ceremony, I took a picture of my sis and her classmates and I couldn’t help but to be reminded that black girls are some kind of magical.

​​Exclusive statement that I've never admitted…. growing up, my dad’s and some of the guys I’ve liked’s preferences in women made me wonder what ‘s wrong with black women?​​ Were we not good enough? Were we not pretty enough? Were we not smart enough? Not to discredit any other race, but my concern was the reason why black wasn’t beautiful in their eyes. For a while, I struggled with these ideas. Now, I’ve grown in myself *hallelujah* and I have realized that everyone has their preferences and their preferences have nothing to do with my magic. ​​

Speaking of magic, I am an educator and I see the importance of having an education; however, everyone’s path is different. There are some millionaires without degrees (and debt) and that’s fine, but for me and my homies? We will bless the Lord (and get degrees). Amen! But if you are living your life, grinding, and accomplishing goals due to your supernatural strength, you are still magical too! ​​

Now to protect your magic, you must surround yourself with people that love, support, and motivate you to do and be better. In Cleveland, we were proud members of the “JazzyHive” (as her brother likes to call us). ​​We celebrated all weekend as if we were graduating too. By celebrate, I mean we went out one night and spent the rest of the time trying to recover. Welcome to the old and washed club! When you recognize that you are washed, you understand that you only have one shot so you give it all you’ve got. And that we did.

The reason why I say we are magical is because we are scholars, we grind daily, we twerk with the best of them, and then rap like a trap star, even though I make up my own lyrics occasionally, amongst many other talents. #SquadGoals

Disclaimer: please excuse my bun life in all of these photos. The weather was a bit bipolar in Cleveland; it snowed and rained….in MAY! One drop of moisture to a natural girl has all types of reversion written all over it. So, I took measures into my own hands and crowned myself queen of bun life. Nonetheless, me and my bun are still magical…now carry on!

Don’t compromise your magic for anything less. If you are the trendsetter in your squad, you need new friends. If your closest group of friends aren’t motivating you to do and be better, abort mission and solicit new friends. They say show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are. On this journey of finding myself, I found out that I am a unicorn made of pure magic and gold glitter. Do you believe in magic?

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