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Get In Formation

After freeing my own days to find my greater purpose, I decided to take a mini vacation to Lewes, Delaware. Driving to our cabin had me wishing I would’ve stayed home….can you say draining!?

The car ride to our destination was a very interesting one because the topic of racial discrimination was brought up by someone whom has never witnessed or experienced being a target (someone privileged shall we say?) No fault of her own because of the area that she was raised; however, all the more reason to try to be understanding of where each side is coming from. For me, you won’t believe it until you see it or you’ve experienced it. But once you acknowledge that you are inexperienced with the plight of the oppressed, you cannot dictate how someone should feel or react. You do not have permission to judge anyone or their circumstance. Your opinion is invalid! MESSAGE!

But anyway, after hours of staying woke…literally…we arrived to a cute little cabin on the lake. This was my first get away after newly deciding to live on purpose. I went on a journey to reverse the mental and emotional damage from my toxic place of employment. Meditating by the lake, inside of a screened porch (I’m not down with the Zika), helped me to get fresh air and clear mind. I must’ve sat there the entire time reading You are a Badass because I just couldn’t put it down. Once I finally took a break from the book, being able to feel the summer air and gaze at the stars had me feeling like I was one (or half) with nature.

Even though the ocean in Delaware is not transparent, sitting on the beach (I’d rather not play in water where I can’t see my feet) and blowing in the dry breeze was refreshing. I always enjoy Bruno Mars Pandora station on the beach and a good book. I swear You are a Badass was glued to my one hand and fruit snacks were glued to the other. Knowing that I had just quit my job without $20,000 saved in the bank, I never expected to feel so peaceful. That’s how I know that I am covered by the blood. Blessings!

While on this trip, we went to dinner at some backyard bbq spot with mediocre food and uncooked chicken. I wish I remembered the name so that I could tell you what to avoid. Great business concept, poor execution! We also spent an evening on the boardwalk playing arcade games as if we were children again. Oh, to be young and free! Some days I sit and wonder when my life changed to allow the simple joys pass me by.

Despite my peaceful endeavors, my zen was interrupted when a question was posed to me, “Are you going to do something with your hair?” ::insert tires screeching, recording stopping, most dramatic side eye::….I couldn’t do anything but give a blank, “just take me home” face. Obviously my humidified flexi rods (my baby hair and afro- HA) were not “tamed” enough for the inquirer. Have we learned nothing in 2016? Bruh, I’m going to need for you to get in formation!

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