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Jazzyhive Unite

Almost eight years ago, God, Ethel, Theta Nu, and a hint/suggestion from two Iota Zeta Alphas (disclaimer: I meant that literally...don't reach for an issue) brought a group of the pettiest, ratchet, down-to-earth, cuh-lassy, scholarly, comedians together and I haven't stopped laughing since. If you've ever been around us, then you can bear witness to the "sister-giggle".

To keep it real, the process of blending our personalities has never been and will never be easy but we have something in common, and that's the love and support that we have for each other. No relationship goes without a fight but one thing is for sure, we always see the light and come back to our sister's arms. This trip taught me that you cannot force a relationship that's not meant to be. In order for any -ship (relationship, friendship, situationship, penmanship lol) to work, you have to learn to be a friend first. No matter how far we travel from each other, we're only one FaceTime, g-chat, group text, or bird call away. Based on our personalities, we may have never been introduced to one another, but thanks to the aforementioned, we have a lifetime bond based on friendship FIRST. If you take away everything pink and green, we will still be friends. That's key!

Every year for Jam's birthday (if you don't know, I call Jasmine Jam), she wants to get away from her usual scene. Two years ago, the destination was Vegas even though it got canceled because she moved to Ohio instead. Last year, we went to Miami in the middle of a hurricane, but one little tropical storm never hurt anyone. This year, the destination was visit our sis BH. So, the Jazzyhive united for a double whammy!

I'm always down for a good vacation but this one was different. It was a good 'ol fashion sista trip. If you know anything about us, we have so many inside jokes that we can giggle for days until BH kills us (that was also an insider).

Big Ang and I flew together. My normal flight routine is to sit in my seat, turn on the Preacher's Wife Soundtrack, break out the gummy bears, and pretend to read a book; however, I typically fall asleep before I start reading page one. On this trip, my book of choice was The Wait by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. Meanwhile, Big Ang was reading slave narratives ::soft giggles:: I only slept for a few minutes before my body sensed that the flight attendant was hitting our row...TURN UP TIME! We ended up getting our drinks for the free and I didn't have to use my vouchers......AYE!

Upon arriving to the airport, our chauffeurs, BH and Urk (#MeAndUrk....Lol), were waiting for us at baggage claim so that we could head to our sleeping quarters. This trip was different. We weren't staying at just any hotel. We were staying at Hotel/Chateau Brady, their gorgeous brand new family home. Luxury accommodations equipped with all of our favorite snacks (ie chips/queso and cheetohs) and spirits. Since this trip was for Jam's birthday, we decorated the house with color coordinated Doc McStuffins decorations (she's going to me-di-cal school) accompanied with spirited cupcakes, distilled blue agave beverages, and the sounds of Future Vandross serenading her late arrival. Classy!

We grabbed a quick bite at Pappadeaux that evening but bae bae, that shrimp and crawfish fondue was everything!!!!! Per Jam's request, we watched Power to bring in her birthday at the Hotel Brady Theater, but I'm sure our eyelids watched more of the episode than we did.

​The next morning, we awakened to the scent of clean linen and a cup (or two) of coffee flavored with cream straight from Gilbeys of Ireland. We started the day with brunch at Max's Wine Dive where we popped the first bottle of champagne in celebration. We followed up the energy with a day party at Clutch. The music was a good mix of old and new yet the diverse atmosphere gave such great vibes for an enjoyable time. After multiple tastings of the bartender's concoctions, Jam requested a continuation of the party at her Hotel Brady suite A.K.A. she needed a nap LOL. While she slept, BH and I drove to FreeBandz....I mean Freebirds to pick up food to help our sleeping beauty to recover.

If I could, I would stay at Hotel Brady forever ::Cardi B voice:: While I have filtered some of the details of this joyous occasion, just know that Dallas/BH showed us a good time. If you are ever in the Dallas area, contact the Bradys to show you around!

*This post has been brought to you by a proud member of the Jazzyhive!!*

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