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Red, WHITE, and the blues

This morning I woke up, after a hiatus, preparing to tell you all about how I'm not my tell you all about my experiences in Florida, but that topic was trumped by the results of this presidency election. I woke up after a few hours of sleep feeling numb. I stayed up half the night tuned into CNN praying for a miracle, praying that the numbers would turn in a different direction. Instead I feel like I'm living a nightmare. When the results were announced, my heart skipped a beat and tears fell from my know that there are so many people in this world that align their beliefs with a "sexist, racist, bigot". There are so many people who can now openly express their hatred because the new "leader" set the precedent. WOW! .....But try it if you won't (want) to.

Last week, I was driving behind a slow car when my road rage got the best of me. I will admit, I started singing Ludacris full force...forgive me! When the driver turned a corner at 0.25 MPH without a turn signal, I almost got out of my car and turned his car for him, but then I saw the Jesus bumper sticker on the back. I immediately felt bad and asked Jesus to take my wheel and give my some patience. However, right beside it was a Trump sticker and because he was turning so slow, I had enough time to process both bumper stickers and still catch a good glimpse of the driver. Low and elderly Caucasian male. Sad to say, I'm not surprised! It's easy for certain cultures to trump it because they are protected based on their identity, but what about African Americans, women, LGBTQ, latinos, minorities in general? How am I supposed to feel protected or even identify?

For hours I've been so angry. I wanted to place blame on all the woke people, who were so woke that they they didn't vote. I tried to pray it away, I tried to laugh it away, I tried to sleep it away, I tried to sing it away. Cranes in the sky didn't even help. That's when I had to check myself.

You ever think that this is God answering our prayers? I personally have prayed for a gift of discernment. Now, I can see the true colors of certain individuals who have been apart of my life. While I respect EVERYONE because we are all children of God, there are people who align themselves with beliefs that openly express hatred for other cultures. I ain't with it. God often puts us in tough situations to show that we/man is not in control, but HE is. Has your faith wavered during this election? I'm guilty. Get your faith back up because God is still in control, not man. Ironically while typing this my grandmother called and asked how I'm doing. When I told her that I was sad about the election, she reminded me that it was nothing that I can do but continue to pray.

A time ago, I heard a preacher say that rain is a sign of God letting his blessings flow down on us. To hear the sound of rain this morning soothed my agony and pain. It was just the reminder that God is still in the business of blessing. He is able and It is well!

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