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Pick Up The Pieces

I started writing a completely different post and I decided to postpone it because my own insecurities were weighing heavy at my heart. Lately, I've been struggling with feelings of failure. All these brilliant ideas that I have/had, are they all just dreams? This next question is to my spiritual folks....have you ever felt so lost, yet so guided at the same time? It's like no matter how many times you tell yourself to blindly trust and have faith, your human nature keeps asking but what if and what if this doesn't work? Well friends, (and Jessica, because I need this message too) what if it does work?

So, I'm writing this and watching a rerun of Bobby Jones gospel and as soon as I put the question mark on the last paragraph, he starts the show with, "35 years ago I had a vision to start this show. Who knew it would be the longest running gospel show?" .....And that ladies and gentleman is how God sends me confirmation and encouragement. You won't know that IT WILL WORK unless you try it.

If you've been following my blog, you will know that I wanted to move to Tampa, which is how my traveling basically began. Well, my best friend and I tossed around the idea of moving to Florida, me to Tampa and her to Miami. Long story short, I stayed in Maryland and she took her business to Miami/Fort Lauderdale. Over the moon excited for her, I went to visit her in Fort Lauderdale. Of course I inquired about her business because I know it's never easy to start a business or pick up and leave everything that you know to start afresh. Every successful project comes with a few setbacks but if you've ever seen the pink van for Pinupz Topless Maids, she's winning!! Just curious, how many of you support your friends' endeavors? Touchy subject....movin on.

When I decided to visit my bff, I had no idea there was a hurricane coming until I was headed to my airport gate. For the few days that I was there, we played dodge ball with the storm, trying to make it to the beach before the storm arrived. One day we drove to South Beach and as soon as we parked, the skies opened up. Thank God for the umbrellas at The Clevelander because I wasn't prepared to receive all of those raindrop blessings that day.

The next day we had a peaceful beach morning in Fort Lauderdale. It was the calm before the storm because there were literally only three other people out there. We splashed around in the water, laid on the beach feeling the breeze, and then grabbed a bite to eat, before we had to make a dodge for it to the airport avoiding the storm.

Recapping Fort Lauderdale reminded me that there is no such thing as failure. If you can envision it and work for it, it will manifest the way it is intended to be. This post may just be for me but sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Follow your dreams, even when they don't make sense to anyone but you. Have faith even when you can't see. Smile even when it hurts. Be thankful even when it falls apart. Solid works of art once started from pieces.

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