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GiveMas Time is Here!

Lately I've been in my feelings so I haven't given of my time or talents to serve the community since....I don't even remember. That makes me feel a little selfish especially because the Lord continues to bless me. It's only right that I help someone else the way that God helps me.

It seems like every time I have a "whoa-is me" moment, someone else comes along who needs me to be strong for them. They need the strength that I feel I don't have at the time. So, I have to suck it up and tell myself that my issue could be worse. On the contrary, some of ya emotional users are getting blocked! If something is wrong with you every hour of every day of every month, maybe it's you. Change your outlook and pray more.

Speaking of praying, I don't know about you guys but when I ask God for things, I always hear Him say, "I got you, now worry about helping others." I mean not in those exact words but you get the point. So, it's been weighing heavy on my heart that He's been blessing but I haven't been holding up my end of the bargain.

Last Friday when I was taking a jog around my neighborhood, I started thinking about what I could do to be of assistance to people. My original thought was, "I don't have the resources to sponsor a family or go buy gifts for strangers." Then I thought, it costs nothing to volunteer my time. So, I made up in my mind that I would do a community service event. I saw a flyer on the ground for the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. I thought that was a great theme but December had already started. So, I changed it to the 12 Days of Christmas. Over the moon excited about this opportunity to give back for 12 days, I started making a list of things that I could do for all 12 days. When I got home I contacted two of my friends that assisted me with planning a previous service event. From there 12 Days of Give-Mas was created. Starting December 12th, we will be doing service everyday through December 23rd.

If you would like to get in on the action for one day or some of the days, please visit our 12 Days of Give-Mas page.

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