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Strong Foundation

Happy New Year Peeps!

I'm allergic to Haute and Naughty Mascara but I can't stop wearing it LOL.

I wanted to go in a completely different direction for this post but my heart led me to this message. Being the first post of the new year, I think it's best that I start with a strong foundation. Listen, I'm no more holy than anyone reading this. I'm just a sinner trying to get right. If you've read my other posts then you would know this. But today ::ghetto lip smack:: I just wanted to talk about some life lessons....first lesson being to repair/maintain your relationship with God. Bruh! That's the solid rock, man. If you don't have that rock as a foundation to stand, you are destined to fail. I'm certainly not wishing failure on anyone, but you have no idea. It's like going to war without protection. Good luck with that ::takes two steps in the opposite direction:: I've just come to a place where I realize the importance of time with God. I mean.... I need him to work on me so that I can deal with some of ya'll.

Sidebar: If you're reading this it's too late ...please redirect your call/text. If I haven't talked to you in 2017, more than likely I left you in 2016....but thanks for reading :)

Getting back to the lesson... with this foundation, I can brag different. I promise, I talk to God all the time and even when I don't, He still hears my heart. Everything I could ever ask for, He has supplied in abundance or redirected me. I'm forever thankful for that!!!

I don't care if you've never prayed before, if you don't know how to pray, or if you don't know what to say.....just say something to Him. If you can't bring yourself to do that, then just sit in silence and let Him hear your heart. Trust me! It works!

Lesson 2: Just say thank you. Listen bro-gals, nobody wants to hear your wish list ALL THE TIME. Sometimes you need to stop asking for stuff and just say thank you. Be grateful for the two pennies and stick of gum in your pocket. You're two cents richer and you have fresh breath....won't He do it!

Lesson 3: Mary and Martha, you've got to stop weeping and moaning. Listen, I'm not ordained or anything, I'm just a living witness to miracles. Pick up your faith and believe that all things are working for your good. Remember, there's no where to go from the lowest point than up. So, get back up big fella and show us what your working with.

Here's to building strong foundations and doing big things in 2017. Build your strong foundation and claim your victory!

My new year's resolution is to seek peace and become a better version of me.

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