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Who Goin Check Me, Boo?

It's day one of the 31 Day Self-Improvement Challenge and the task is to write about myself. I have always found this difficult because I'm one of those people that would rather show you than tell you. Unfortunately, you don't always get the opportunity to show people what you're working with. So, here it goes:

I am Jess P. I'm a 28 year old woman on a path of finding inner peace. I'm God-fearing (but, yes I still sin) and educated. I love to travel, plan events, and be a blessing to others through community activism. I'm a daughter, I'm a sister, I'm an aunt, I'm a friend. I love love and I have a low tolerance for people who try to dull my shine. I am very determined; when I set my mind on something, it's already mine. I'm a lover, I'm a confidante, and I'm a comedian (I crack myself up LOL). I like to think I'm perfect but in actuality my "perfection" is served with a side of realism and a dash of crazy. I'm a host of imperfections that are perfectly flawed to form a queen.

If you are anything like me, you probably took a long time to find the words to say. At some point we have to be comfortable with humble bragging. No one knows us like we know ourselves.


Ask yourself these things:

+How long did it take for me to start writing?

+How am I defining myself? Am I defined by my career? Motherhood? Education?

+Am I satisfied with how I described myself?

It's your turn. Who are you?

Jess P's Life Lessons


Put God first


Life doesn't come with instructions. Live, make mistakes, ask for forgiveness, and learn.



Learn to laugh.....often

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