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Hello....Is This Thing On?

*taps mic* Guess who's bizzack?

Hey y'all! Please forgive me. I have been focusing so hard on maintaining my peace that I let my blog fall by the way side, but here I am. I'M BACK!!! I haven't written on here since March. Although, I drafted a blog in July about protecting my peace, it never came to fruition. Instead, I continued my hiatus and dealt with life by the horns.

In terms of peace, *starts playing the organ for the right note* I've had some good days, I've had some hills to climb. I've had some weary days, and some sleepless nights. But when I look around and I think things over, all of my good days out-weigh my bad days *points to you to help me finish the song*......I won't complain!

Sometimes you have to withdraw from nouns (people, places, and things) to rebuild, recoup, and recover the investment that is YOU. And I did just that.

So here's my story. If you've been following my blog, you know that I walked out of my job with a decent salary in June 2016, and never looked back. Piece of mind was way more important than the mental turmoil, harassment, and stress I was being offered with my salary. For about a year and a half, I struggled mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. There were some days that I didn't have food to eat or a place to stay (that's a story for another blog and I'm not asking for pity) but God...oh BUT GOD! He never left my side. He knew my every thought and knew who to place in front of me exactly when I needed it. In that year (plus) of unemployment, I discovered Jessica! I discovered what I like to do, what I'm good at, what I need, what I want, and what makes me happy. Everyday I prayed (and still pray) for peace and happiness.

*Current epiphany: I prayed for peace and God put me on The Peace Team. He has a sense of humor LOL...but He makes no mistakes. I didn't seek this job, it fell into my lap; I didn't even want the position. After previously turning down the job, this time I decided to be open to hearing more. Now, here I am and I love the atmosphere at the company already.*

I say that because I started writing this blog post and stopped because I wasn't focused. The very next day at work I sat through Simon T. Bailey's motivational seminar. I listened when he said "What problem have you been placed here to solve?" At that moment I vividly remembered when God placed this blog on my heart. Even though payments were being debited from my account for this domain, I stopped writing on the blog and for some reason I never canceled it. I had forgotten the purpose of why I started it and I had forgotten my own purpose. In the seminar, a few people stood up and spoke about their passions and their callings. One young lady stood up and spoke about how she started her Podcast and how consistency helped her to grow in her field. She said that even when no one listened, she kept posting, losing sleep for her craft, and pressing forward as if the whole world knew she existed.

Clearly, *looks at the date of the last post* I have not been consistent with this blog, partially because I felt like the people closest to me/ the people I looked to for validation weren't reading it. I also felt like I had nothing to talk about since my funds wouldn't allow me to travel anymore. Plus I hated when people asked me, "when's your next trip," just for them to tell me about their next scheduled vacation. In the words of a pastor, "Go in peace." Quite often we get discouraged when we feel like no one else is supporting us; however, the most important support and validation that we have ever needed is within ourselves. After everything I have been through (stories for other posts), I finally feel like I've reached a place where I'm not concerned about seeking validation from others. I validate me!

I've said all of this to say, stay on your path. Continue your journey and stay in your faith! The road may be rough but continue to run, walk, or crawl into your destiny to achieve whatever it is that has been placed on your heart. We're all here for a purpose. Live in it!

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