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Competition is Nada

First things first (if you continued my sentence by rapping Biggie, we are on the same page), I would like to apologize for not posting last week. I was busy (literally) not taking my own advice. I did not plan ahead for my post, I procrastinated, and then I fell short on time. Needless to say, production never occurred. Here's a lesson...plan ahead so that business operates as normal even if your schedule should change.

Okay, now the real question for this week....why do some people see everybody as competition? I'm talking about competition in business, relationships, friendships, etc. Maybe I'm missing something or maybe it's because I'm a spiritual person. When you operate in your gift, there is no competition. I repeat THERE IS NO COMPETITION when you operate in your gift. That's not to say that there won't be people who do the same line of work, but when God was giving out gifts, He didn't make them one size fit all. Favor ain't fair! Your gift is your gift, not mine, or hers too. So, what harm does it cause to help the next person out?

Let me give you an example. Since I started this blog, a few people asked me about my blogging platform and how to design a page. Someone with the wrong mindset could've easily said, "No, I can't help you because you're competition." I gladly helped them to get their pages started. It didn't take away from my blog. The same people who read my blog STILL read my blog. On top of that, building relationships and a network take you much further than being stingy with your knowledge. I wasn't the first person to ever blog. Obviously, I got the idea from someone else, along with their words of advice. Someone assisted me, so why not help someone else? The motto that I live by is "Lucem Accepimus, Lucem Demus" (We have received light; let us give forth light.) Shoutout to Western High!! HOWEVER! There are some people who are conniving but the way my God is setup, I will still win! He never said the weapons wouldn't form against me but He did say that they will not and shall not prosper!

Moral of the story is WE ALL CAN EAT! Stop blocking their blessings and yours too. Help someone out, it will come back to you. If you have to lie, cheat, and steal to keep the "competition" away, check your values. Fix those insecurities because they're bad for business!

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