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For The Lover In You

Happy Valentine's Day lovers! <3

Last week, I had this whole post in my head and I was eager to get it out, but let me tell you how the devil played! I went to type the post and the WIX editor would not work. Every time I tried to login I got an error message. Can you say pissed? Wix, you got some explaining to're impeding my progress. Nonetheless, let's get this thing started...

**For today's theme music, I'll give you some Shalamar because this blog post is for the lover in you.**

Since today is Valentine's Day, let's talk about the celebration of love. I have a top three favorite Valentine's Day list, and here it goes:

#3) When I was a senior in high school (If you know me well, you know exactly what guy I'm talking about), a young man delivered purple flowers to my house. Imagine my surprise going the entire school day, staying late for fashion show practice, and arriving home in the evening to see the lovely flowers at my steps. This was sentimental because purple is my favorite color and I lived about 30 minutes from my school. Young romantic. LOL.

#2) Around Valentine's Day, my elementary school would sell red heart-shaped balloons to give away to our families or friends. I believe it was a fundraiser but I always thought the basic balloons were so pretty. My mother never gave me any money to buy any because she wasn't really big on the holiday. One year, one of my classmates bought me a balloon and had her mom drive her to my grandparents' house, where I used to go everyday after school, just so she could deliver it to me. She said, "I know you've always wanted one. So, here you go. Happy Valentine's Day." Children are the most thoughtful individuals. How is it that some people grow up to be selfish? Where is the disconnect?

#1) When I was little, I used to celebrate Valentine's Day with my grandparents. I didn't understand then, but they used to give me small "tokens of love". It probably meant nothing to them but it was everything to me. When I was seven, my grandmother boxed up one of my mom's childhood rings and gave it to me. I LOVED that ring; I wore it until it broke when I was in high school. They made me feel like Valentine's Day was a BIG deal! They set the precedent.

These instances are just my top three. However, based on these encounters from the earlier years of my life, I had this expectation that Valentine's Day was about getting a "surprise". As a result, when I wasn't surprised on Valentine's Day, I didn't feel loved. Every year after that I felt like Gretchen Weiner when the candy grams came around in Mean Girls. "And none for you Jessica Peterson." I literally hated when my roommates walked in with huge teddy bears and loads of flowers or being at work and watching the deliveries. I developed a hatred for Valentine's Day, perhaps out of jealousy.

It took some time, but I have finally realized that being "surprised" does not equal love and if I don't receive anything, I am still loved. I changed my thinking to believe that it's time for me to stop being selfish on Valentine's Day and be the giver. I learned that what I put in the atmosphere is what matters most. Instead, I'll surprise some people today (with no expectation of return). For the first time in forever, I am excited about Valentine's Day. Moral of the story, be a lover today. Do something nice for someone else.

With love,

Jess P

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