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Elevator Going Up!

I’ve come today to assure you that if you can dream it, you CAN receive it. I heard a speech that said that many people do not reach their greatness because of a lack of motivation. Let this blog be your motivation to start and continue your journey to success.

Last night, I had this crazy motivational dream and I woke up on fire. I mean that figuratively. I use the word crazy to mean extremely unbelievable because God really speaks. So, here’s the dream....I dreamt that I was getting on an elevator and there was a set of boxes in one of the corners of the elevator. I recognized all of the boxes because they were items that I had ordered for a "project" that I’ve been working on. When I stepped in the elevator, the lights in the elevator came on except for the lights above the boxes. Boom! First clue...the lights have been dimmed on my “project”. I pressed the button to go to the 3rd floor. Well, the elevator took me to the 4th floor. I got out, looked around, and didn't recognize the higher floor, so I got back in the elevator and tried to go back down to the 3rd floor. Second clue... I attempted to go back down to the floor that's more familiar/comfort level. This time when I stepped back into the elevator, I pressed the button for the 3rd floor and the elevator took off to the 11th floor. The doors opened and there was no floor, instead it was a view of the entire world. Third clue....there's no floor and great views. In addition, the entire elevator lit up from the brightness of the view. Normally, I would have woke up screaming because I'm afraid of heights but today, I got the message. See, sometimes God speaks through your dreams. I interpreted this dream as a reminder that God is trying to elevate me but I've been dimming the light on my skills. The boxes in the dark corner represent the fact that I have put this "project" in the dark because I've been dragging my feet. Not being able to go to the floor of my choice (the 3rd floor) is God reminding me that I am not in control. This is also showing me that God is trying to do greater things in my life but I keep trying to run back to my comfort level. God wants me to see the world. He wants to take me to places where the possibilities are limitless (no floor) but I have to stop trying to resort to my comfort level. Excuse me while I thank God right quick!

God is a good God. I'm so glad that He speaks reminders to me and He motivates me. Ya pray for me through this journey. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been dimming their own light. So, what is it that you've been dragging out for too long? What is it that you should be doing but haven't been doing out of fear or a lack of motivation? I challenge you to take the first step with me. Little by little that dream that you have been dreaming will be yours and come to fruition. My prayer for you (and me) is that you will live your destiny, without fear, and that you will find the confidence in yourself to let your light shine. Let's go get 'em....she ready!

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