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Show Up

Normally I post on Wednesdays, but last Wednesday was just one of those “Monica” days. If you don’t know the song, just google the chorus of “Don’t Take it Personal”. All in all, I just didn’t feel like being bothered. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t want to post. I woke up, exercised, and got back in the bed to cover my head with my pillow. Oh but God! He doesn’t allow the devil to keep me in the dumps.

While in bed, I decided to watch a Breakfast Club interview with Iyanla Vanzant. On the interview, she said something that resonated with my soul… “You attract what you are. It’s the law of attraction.” As much as I wanted to roll my eyes and turn the tv off, I couldn’t because she’s right. Instead, I had to do a spirit check and ask myself the tough questions. “Self, what is your spirit attracting right now? Do you really want Eeyore at your front door?”

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Winnie the Pooh series, Eeyore is the friend with negative synergy. There is something always wrong with him and he’s always throwing a party…for pity. As much as I don’t want my spirit to attract the Eeyores in life, I know that sometimes Eeyore shows up to show us our purpose and remind us of our blessings.

Just as my aura was subconsciously sending out invitations to my own pity party, I got an email with a new phone wallpaper that I forgot to save a few days ago. It says, “Get Up. Dress Up. SHOW UP. And Never Give Up.” Just like lightning, it hit me. I can’t sulk because 1) I have way too many things to be thankful for and 2) I MUST show up for myself and others. We were placed on this earth to serve a purpose, and what purpose would I be serving by wasting my talents under my blanket and pillow? Think about all the people that are connected to our lives. Think about the ways that we make a difference in their lives, whether good or bad. Now think about how their lives would change if we decided not to show up.

The best thing you can do for a person is walk in your purpose. Sometimes God uses us as a vessel to aid other people. To do that, you have to show up for the assignment that God is giving you. God will give you breadcrumbs that will lead you to the full slice of bread. All you have to do is take the steps.

I challenge you today to do as my wall paper suggests, “Get Up. Dress Up. SHOW UP. And never give up.” We are all way too blessed to sleep on our gifts.

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